In the city of Karachi, Pakistan, 65-year-old Amir Zaman Mehsud shot his own daughter right in a courthouse because she got married without parental consent. The court acquitted him, believing that the conviction "would not have contributed to the betterment of society" and that his family had "forgiven" him.

This publication writes

Amir Zaman Mehsoud killed his 20-year-old daughter in the courthouse on January 23, 2023, and wounded two others, including a police officer. Criminal proceedings have been opened against him by the police department of the city court.

According to court documents, the man's daughter, Hajr, married of her own accord, while her parents tried to marry her to someone else. Then the family announced her abduction.

In January, she was summoned to court to testify in the case of her disappearance when Hajra's father opened fire and killed her on the spot. Her husband was not injured in the incident.

We will remind, in Russia during the football match fell tribune, there are dead.

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