The ideal size and shape of breasts were revealed in the new study – and size – is not the most important factor.

Scientists from New York asked about 1000,20 men and women to rate the attractiveness of photos of more than <> breasts. The study was published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open.

They found that those that were medium in size and had more volume in the area above the nipples — the so-called "upper pole fullness" — received the highest scores.

Nipples located closer together also received high marks, as did elastic breasts. But size and symmetry didn't seem to have been decisive.

The five most beautiful breasts / Photo:

For the study, researchers from New York University used images of a bust of women who sought surgical care between 2009 and 2019. All these women were 47 years old and had not undergone any breast augmentation surgery before.

The image was then shown to 1021,52 people, <> percent of whom were women. Participants were asked to rate breasts from one to five based on their perception of attractiveness.

The results showed that the breasts scored an average of 2.5 points. But the top five breasts had an average score of 3.1. They had an average volume of 300 cm3

It was also noteworthy that the top two images lacked symmetry in terms of appeal.

In the study, researchers led by plastic surgeon Dr Jonathan Beckish stated: "When trying to identify distinctive characteristics or traits that correlate with perception of attractiveness, it was found that only the predicted breast contour was associated with an increased subjective survey score. However, no other feature has significantly influenced the thought of breast aesthetics, and this discovery may reflect a wide variety of personal preferences and how people define what they find attractive."

The limitations of the study are that it looked at estimates of both men and women, and that it did not include the full range of breast sizes and shapes.

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