The Russian Federation has established production, so the invaders will never run out of missiles.

This opinion was expressed by the military-political observer of the group "Information Resistance" Oleksandr Kovalenko in his Telegram.

Rocket counting

The expert estimated that from April 28 to May 29, 198 missiles of various nomenclature were launched in Ukraine, of which 177 were shot down. Thus, the effectiveness of air defense in countering missiles is 95%.

Kovalenko drew attention to the fact that from March 9 to April 28, Russia did not carry out massive missile strikes on Ukraine. He believes that during this time the enemy accumulated BC.

"I have repeatedly emphasized that the average accumulation of BC among Russians is 2-5 missiles per day by missiles of various nomenclature," the expert notes.

According to his calculations, the occupiers, for the above-mentioned period, could have accumulated from 100 to 250 missiles. During the period from April 28 to May 29 – from 60 to 150 missiles of various nomenclature.

"To date, the occupiers have used 198 missiles. The accumulated potential from March 9 as of May 29 can be a maximum of 350 missiles. But, I am more inclined to the average accumulation rate — 250-270 missiles. At the same time, we take into account the presence of missiles of non-logistical use," the expert says.

What is "different nomenclature"

"Today, Russia can produce missiles Kh-101/555, KRMB "Caliber", 9M723/9M728 "Iskander", Kh-59, Kh-31, Kh-38, Kh-47M2 "Kinzhal", etc. Speaking of "different nomenclature" means not only the production of missiles Kh-101/555 or KRMB "Caliber", which are fired at the rear Ukraine. For example, the Kh-59 or Kh-31 missile is mainly used in the forward zone. They have a limited range and are very rarely used in rear cities," Kovalenko explained.

Will the Ukrainian air defense have enough ammunition to shoot down missiles?

Kovalenko drew attention to a number of some publications in Western publications about the alleged exhaustion of BC in Ukraine's air defense.

"The question arises, if this BC is exhausted and exhausted, then why do we continue to shoot down Russian missiles with an efficiency of 95%? With all these factors, do you think BC will be enough for us in the near future to shoot down, for example, 70+/-% of Russian missiles? The answer is that the production capacity of our partners is higher than that of our enemies. And our partners can build them up, and the enemy is difficult and not special," the expert says.

Why missiles in Russia do not run out

Kovalenko is sure that the invaders will never run out of missiles, because they produce them. But now Russia has significantly fewer missiles than it was as of February 23, 2022.

"And they will not be able to restore this potential," he concluded.

Earlier, military expert Alexander Kovalenko estimated the stocks of Iranian drones in Russia.

We will remind, today, may 31, the spokesperson of OK "South" Natalia Gumeniuk warned that the enemy is preparing for a new missile strike.

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