A signal for violence against a seven-year-old child in the kindergarten "Happy Childhood" in Yambol. According to the parents, the boy was hit, pulled and punished barefoot in the corridor by the educator and the woman responsible for the group.

"Three months ago, Marty started being very aggressive. I even took him to a psychologist. He was aggressive towards everything that bothered him in any way. He didn't sleep at night. There were also peeing at night, which I do not consider normal," explained Vanya Kalfirova, mother of the 7-year-old child.

The child tells everything to his grandmother Radka.

"He started very innocently. We were doing crossword puzzles. "I started explaining the meaning of the word 'dismissal' to him, and he told me he even knew what resignation meant," she said.

Shocking: A signal of sexual assault in kindergarten

The child told his grandmother that when she said "resignation", the lady pinched him, and then he was expelled from the room. Locking in the toilet and kitchen, threats to tie and sleeping in the hallway at the lockers are the other forms of punishment that the child tells about.

"I cannot agree with this statement," said kindergarten director Antonia Koteva.

"There are 40 specialists, there are 210 children and absolute access for parents. I can't imagine that some child will sleep with a quilt in the hallway and no one will see and give a signal about this thing. Yesterday a signal was received from the mother, "added Koteva, but specified that two weeks earlier the family had spoken with the deputy director.

"I talked to the teachers. They deny that there was any violence or immoral behavior towards this child. We cannot, according to a child, punish staff, "said the director Antonia Koteva.

"Such actions are absolutely unacceptable. A disciplinary committee has been appointed for the signal we learn from bTV. Inspections will be carried out and if there are violations, the strictest measures will be taken, "said the Deputy Mayor of Yambol Encho Keryazov.

According to the parents, in a telephone conversation, the educator apologized for what happened.

"She apologized to me for pinching him and throwing him out because they pinched with other children," explained the mother Vanya Kalfirova.