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More than 26 million suitcases and bags were lost or forgotten at airports worldwide last year.

2022 was the worst period in a decade for lost or delayed luggage at airports. This was reported by the Director of the European Consumer Center Sonya Spasova in the show "Bulgaria morning".

According to her, there is a serious increase in the problems related to passenger baggage, one of the reasons being the increased number of passengers, and on the other hand - the decrease in staff at airports.

Spasova explained that if we have lost, delayed or damaged luggage, certain deadlines must be met. If our luggage does not arrive immediately after landing, a lost or delayed baggage report must be completed. This happens at specialized counters, as there are at all airports within the EU.

"It describes what the bag is, the suitcase, the brand, when it was bought, and the data so that the luggage on the next flight can arrive," Spasova said.

If our luggage is not found within 5 to 7 days, a complaint must be submitted to the airline itself.

26 million suitcases lost in 2022

In these cases, while waiting for the luggage to arrive, passengers are entitled to the cost of essential goods - cosmetics, underwear and more. However, it is important to keep the receipt, and there are some goods that companies do not recognize as essential goods.

"We advise users to always check on the airline's website whether there are any special rules," Spasova added.

If 21 days pass from the date of landing and again our luggage is not found, it passes into the column lost. Then a new procedure begins by filling in a new form claiming compensation.

"About 1600,<> euros is the maximum amount for lost luggage, but it all depends on the case. My advice is that if you carry something valuable in your suitcase, you should take out insurance, because it can be difficult to cover its value, "said Spasova and added that it is advisable not to leave expensive items in your luggage, such as a laptop.

"In most cases, it is specified that such items cannot be transported and therefore airlines do not pay compensation for them," Sonya Spasova noted.

When our luggage is damaged, a protocol is filled in, which is good to have a photo of the damaged part. However, it is important that this happens before leaving the airport, she warned.

For a landing at another airport, the airline's obligation is to transport passengers to the place to which they purchased a ticket.

"If a passenger arrives at the destination with a delay of more than three hours and the reason for this is with the airline, he can demand compensation, which depends on the length of the flight," Spasova said.

Most often within the EU the amount reaches about 250 euros.