The United Republic of Tanzania-Work continues.

May 1 was celebrated on International Labor Day, as is the norm for all days when it comes to that date and month.

The day was celebrated in the Morogoro region, where the official guest was President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

At the ceremony, President Samia continued to show the firmness of his statements and to fulfill the affairs of Tanzanian workers as he has been pledged.

Do you know the 6 most important things that happened that day? Follow up:

  • Increase in annual
  • One of the biggest things that has been done in newsrooms is the annual salary increase that was stopped.

    The president said: "I would also say there are annual pay rises that for a long time have been suspended and I saw this year we should bring them back, so all the staff this year apart from what I said to raise grades and other things but there are annual pay increases, and we will start this year and we will go every year as in the past."

    This step is said to be very important for workers where the routine of their annual increments will be restored.

  • Teaching allowance for teachers
  • President Samia has also shown a strong willingness to support the issue of teacher allowances. "The issue of 'teaching allowance' (teaching allowance) we have taken, you know teachers are the biggest army in this country... We've taken it, we're going to look at the potential of the country and then see how we do it," the president said at the ceremony.

    This is certainly a major step forward for the education of teachers. With analytical experience I would say just how consistent the President is of the statement it is obvious for many days and he will work accordingly.

  • 23 percent of the salary increase, allowance
  • President Samia also described the addition, which he gave to workers, as touching the workers to different degrees.

    At another point he noted that the allowance increase when the budget was released had passed but with the current budget things would be bulbul.

  • The increase in wages continued
  • President Samia said he would also continue to address the problems of workers, including raising salaries. But this will be done quietly to protect inflation, especially when businesses hear that wages have increased.

    This issue is very important. It has often been a matter of fees for businesses, landlords and other stakeholders when they hear there is a wage increase, they have been increasing the prices of caverns and various products.

    This treatment by President Samia may reduce or eliminate the issue altogether.

  • Thanks for the support of the workers
  • President Samia has shown the sympathy to all the workers for their hard work.

    A recent report by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has shown that Tanzania's economy is improving.

    "A report from the World Bank says Tanzania is improving as the days go by, these are the efforts of all the workers in the country," says President Samia.

    This is a great honor and it is to show how President Samia runs a participatory government and gives thanks to the workers.

  • Anniversary theme
  • The theme of this year's celebration was 'Better Wages and Decent Jobs and Pillars for Workforce Development, the time is now'.

    If you look at the sound of this problem, you see that it is a good time.

    For President Samia has indeed been at the forefront of addressing better wages, decent jobs and the interests of workers as we have outlined below.

    In some cases, as well as other things, the ceremony was marked by various posters of the workers and examples of the various activities they perform.

    The only thing is to see some of the posters showing how President Samia and his government have done in the implementation of the various problems of the people.

    For example, a poster of the water authority staff was written:

    "My mother has been in the water for 2 years."

    - You have bought 25 long drilling rigs

    - You have bought 5 sets to build dams

    - Built and completed 1,192 projects

    - 2,005 new villages have access to water etc.

    In fact, President Samia continues to lift workers by addressing their various challenges, which has helped to improve the quality of the workers and increase morale and hard work.

    Some of the things he has dealt with in the past 2 years include the following as we have analyzed in our previous articles.

    He increased wages with a 23.3 percent increase, slashed the payroll tax (payee) from 9 percent to 8 percent, added 50,000 new jobs.

    He promoted 190,562 workers, paid arrears of salaries, paid pensioners on time.

    He abolished the 6 percent charge on higher education loans, raised the child's age of dependency from 18 to 21 in funding their treatment, amended the Board of Teachers Act, made changes to cadres and service structures. With more than 21,204 employees benefiting from the issue, he promoted 198,215 employees.

    This is how President Samia has fulfilled his promises in practice and shown the consistency of his statements. The mother has certainly brought comfort to the servants and the Tanzanians in general.

    That is why we say in the language of alcohol 'Mother should only be given her flowers' i.e., the cones that deserve her.

    It is our belief that the handling of these workers' issues by President Samia will increase the stimulus and stimulate hard work and efforts to further strengthen the economy and the issue of further improvements for workers should continue.

    It will also encourage more effort and effort by the staff in serving the citizens appropriately.

    It is also a catalyst to increase creativity and productive discovery for the lives of all Tanzanians.

    Dear Lord, we pray for you to take care of you. Amen.

    The author is a lecturer and a Critic from the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial College- Ferry Campus.