Builki's "Bakka Energy Week" marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Heydər Əliyev, the world leader of the Azerbaijani people and the founder of an independent Azerbaijani state. This is a milestone. The development of an energy dialogue platform and exhibition activity in Azerbaijan is linked to the unique role of Heydər Əliyev.

The EPA reports that President Ilham Əliyev addressed the participants of the "Bakka Energy Week."

The letter notes that the foundation of the Xerxes Petroleum and Gas Exhibition and the announcement of an oil strategy under the direction of the World Leader took place in 1994. Following the Treaty of Ezra that year, Azerbaijan, which became a reliable provider of energy security, set a successful example in cooperation with all foreign partners in the oil field and in the export of energy resources.

"Currently, Azerbaijan is repeating its success in oil history by implementing projects on exporting 'green energy'," the head of state stressed.