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There may be a melting of ice between the first two parties. Meetings are held in several formats. There is already talk of a structural list of the Council of Ministers. This means that the proposed by the PP is negotiable. This, in turn, means that they have heard the request of GERB to make concessions. Borisov will want his immunity to be lifted, because the prosecutor's office will at most detain him for 72 hours. This is what political scientist Lyubomir Stefanov said for NOVA.

According to him, mainly the cabinet will be composed of experts, not politicians. "Borisov's immunity will not become a stumbling block. The Prosecutor's Office very soon and strangely remembers that it has to defend the national interest. And he does it in a very ridiculous way - dummy and with fanfare. The current attorney general's entire style of government is "a lot of fuss about nothing." There is no point in flaunting. The EU wants results, and an indictment is not. Everything goes down in court and there are no convictions. Demanding Borisov's immunity right now, when the president has trampled on the Constitution, is a very tight and strange coincidence," he said.

After a 3-hour meeting with Gabriel Acad. Denkov announced: There will be no ministers from GERB, we accept proposals for experts from everywhere

According to him, the message from Radev's behavior is "I give you the mandate with disgust, if I could rather not give it to you, but try not to fulfill it." "With this type of preambles, state coups begin. GERB came out of isolation, but not from the sphere of suspicion. A renovated judiciary will be able to take up the same cases as before, then there will be no doubt whether it is doing its job or executing orders, "Stefanov believes.