This is how they help migrants who cross the dangerous Darien route 6:17

(CNN) — The director of the National Border Service (SENAFRONT) of Panama, Oriel Ortega, reported that this Sunday there were clashes between Panamanian police units and three armed people, who lost their lives. These events occurred after an alert was received about a group of nine people dressed in black and armed, who were assaulting migrants while crossing the Darien jungle, on the border between Panama and Colombia.

According to Ortega, the incident occurred 15 kilometers from Bajo Chiquito, which is the first Panamanian community to be found as soon as you cross the jungle.

The official also explained that, when patrolling the reported area, footprints were detected, and when tracking, suddenly began to shoot at the police, by subjects, with a 12-gauge shotgun. He explained that, when neutralizing the threat, the group fled, but the bodies of three people who were armed remained.

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"All with firearms, two .38 caliber revolvers and a 12 gauge shotgun; as well as indications that they had stolen or had money, a number of bills with denomination of 100 dollars, cell phones, "said Wednesday the director of Borders of Panama, to the local press during an activity.

"These people have indigenous features, it is what we have in the deceased, and we have to verify if they are Panamanians or if they are of Colombian nationality," said the security official, who said that on Sunday night he took support troops to the jungle, and that on Monday the Public Ministry made the removal of the three bodies. of which so far their identities are unknown.

On the other hand, the director of SENAFRONT denied that US soldiers support the custody of the Darien jungle. "That is totally false, the National Border Service has territorial control of the nation, on all its borders, with Colombia and Costa Rica," he responded to CNN's question.


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