North Korea has admitted to making an unsuccessful attempt to launch its first reconnaissance satellite. Pyongyang had previously announced that it plans to put a satellite into Earth orbit by June 11 to monitor U.S. military action. After the failed attempt, the North Korean regime announced that it would try a second launch as soon as possible.

The launch raised alarm bells in the South Korean capital Seoul, where people woke up to air raid sirens and an announcement to prepare for evacuation. Twenty minutes later, it became clear that it was by mistake.

The Japanese government has also issued an emergency warning to residents of southern Okinawa Prefecture. The government has ordered residents to go into hiding. Later it was reported that the missile would not reach the territory of Japan and the alarm was canceled, Nova reported.

"Given the repeated missile launches, North Korea's continued actions threaten the safety and security of our country, the region, and the international community. This type of ballistic missile launch violates UN Security Council resolutions. Our country has filed a complaint against North Korea through diplomatic channels in Beijing," Tokyo government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said in a statement.

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