The mother of Putinist singer Natasha Koroleva, conductor Lyudmila Poryvai, unexpectedly arrived in the aggressor country of Russia and had fun on a yacht.

The fact that Poryvai arrived in the Russian Federation became known thanks to the Instagram stories of the traitor Koroleva, who actively published photos.

Lyudmila Poryvai and Natasha Koroleva

Lyudmila Poryvai and Natasha Koroleva

The conductor came to Russia from Miami, USA. In the aggressor country, Poryvai had fun with her Putinist daughter and other Russians on a cruise ship plying the Volga river. On the yacht, Poryvai was photographed with Koroleva and sang songs by Russian performers who support Putin's aggressive policy.

Lyudmila Poryvai

It should be noted that earlier Lyudmila Poryvai got into scandals related to her daughter-Putinist. The conductor supported Koroleva with the premiere of the song, where Natasha sings about peace. They reproached her daughter for the sake of peace, moreover, she sits in Russia and keeps silent about the murder of innocent people. Meanwhile, Koroleva's husband, Tarzan, generally supports the war in Ukraine and declares that he himself is ready to go to war against Ukrainians.

Lyudmila Poryvai's scandalous post / Photo:

Lyudmila Poryvai has been living in the United States for a long time and supports Ukraine in the war against the Russian Federation. She publishes posts where, against the background of a blue and yellow flag, she talks about the Russian invasion. But her daughter and son-in-law support the occupiers.

By the way, singer Iryna Bilyk at her concert in Miami called Lyudmila Poryvai to the stage and publicly said that her son-in-law, Tarzan, was shitty. To which Koroleva's mother laughed and made it clear that she agreed with these words.

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