More and more foreign diplomats coming to the RSM are focusing on the important reforms for the country that need to be made. This is what Marinela Velichkova, BTA correspondent in the Republic of North Macedonia, told the Bulgarian National Radio.

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According to her, there is something to be desired in court and in the prosecutor's office. According to her, the trust in the court is at an extremely low level.

The country is pressed by the time frame in the negotiating framework in which these constitutional changes should be made, she said. This proposal must now enter the government and then go to parliament. The opposition continues to be adamant that it will not support amendments to the constitution in this composition of parliament and in conditions of Bulgarian diktat, Velichkova said in an interview with the show "Before All".

She noted, however, that many diplomats tell the country that if these constitutional changes are not made, the conclusions that international partners would draw about the desire of the RMC will be quite serious.

Yesterday Hristiyan Pendikov gave his first testimony after his return to RSM. The media speculate that it is very possible that the curiosity of the prosecution is related to the second person involved in the beating, the journalist commented.

According to her, the main curiosity in today's case will be towards Christian Pendikov himself. He is the main witness of what happened. Many people were summoned at the previous meeting, she recalled.

"I assume that Pendikov himself and the witnesses will tell what they saw that night on January 19."

An adviser to a Bulgarian Prime Minister has advised RSM on its accession to the EU, the President of the State Agency for National Security announced yesterday in Parliament, adding that pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case. "An adviser to the Bulgarian Prime Minister spied in favor of Macedonia" - this is what the picture in the country looks like as a headline, Marinela Velichkova said.

What happened in the Bulgarian parliament was published in many media in RSM, she added and quoted the country's Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, who points out in an interview with an internet media that he and Vesela Tcherneva have negotiated quite difficult and that the talks with her have not made much progress.

Bulgaria-RS Macedonia Relations