On May 24-28, Mexican deputy Elvia Vixil traveled to Azerbaijan.

The EPA was informed by Azerbaijan's ambassador to Mexico.

It was noted that during the trip, deputy Vixil attended the 2nd International Conference on The Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Mines (24-26 May 2023). Experts at the conference described the problems posed by mines to the development of 60 countries suffering from mines, including Azerbaijan.

The deputy also traveled to the city of Vixil Agdam to get acquainted with the scale of the destruction there and the damage done to the population and their maintenance. At the same time, he has recognized the efforts of the Azerbaijani government to incorporate regions affected by the problem into development plans and to ensure that people return to their homeland in the best possible conditions.

After the conference ended, deputy Vixil held a series of bilateral meetings. The meeting with Ms. Irene Halilova, director of the University of Xerxes, discussed the project of cooperation with Matamoros University of Technology. It has been noted that cooperation will continue with the participation of embassies in both countries to hold video-format meetings and identify areas of cooperation by educational institutions.
At the same time, the Mexican deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Elnur Mohammedov, attended a working dinner. The conversation focused on a number of topics of the bilateral agenda, including the third round of the political consultation mechanism and meetings with members of parliament, during Mr. Mohammedov's trip to Mexico in early May.

Deputy Vixil also met with deputy Jalah Əliyeva, head of the Azerbaijani-Mexican Parliamentary Working Group. The meeting provided a general overview of various topics and the progress made in the Mexican-European Parliamentary Friendship Group, especially the commitment to maintaining dialogue levels and the active participation of group members. The opportunity was taken to discuss a possible trip by Azerbaijani parliamentarians to Mexico.

Additionally, deputy Vixil was able to greet Mexican athletes who will participate in the 29 World Cup in Taekwondo, Which will be held in Baku on May 4-2023.

Deputy Director Vixil returned to Mexico City on May 28, congratulating the Azerbaijani people and government on Independence Day.