The May issue of Star magazine has been published.

The EPA reports that the study opens with a conversation with literature historian, essayist Matthanat Vahid, and the essay "Shahrizad" - a national-historical memory novel as a symbol of art and women's ideology." The "Time of Poetry" includes the poems of Ramil Brotherhood, Elsevere Mohammed, Ephraim Joseph, Reyhan Canaan, Aytac Sahadin, and Lady Love, and the series "The Unnamed" of Omri in China, hafiz Ironov's "Child Raised by Pain." The essay "Nuclear War, or Faites-En Bon Usage," can also be described as a different view of events in the world and in the country. Emin Pierre's series of "Our Times of the Cross" are examples of the author's war diary. Farid Hussein's essay "The Mirror of Nature" refers to the town of Mohamed Fuzhouli's son. The current theme of Professor Matthew Osmanoglu's "Teacher Lessons" is philosopher Friedrich Shegel's "Speech on Mythology." The story of beautiful Vine, considered to be a talented figure in Tatar literature, is presented in the translation of Seyfid Hussein. In his essay entitled "We Made the Mother of Our Language Cry," Aygun Aziz conducts extensive analysis of words from different languages. Healing Valley's inscription "The Distant Neighbors: Nicholas Mohammedli" sheds light on the fascinating aspects of the life and creativity of the writer and playwright Nushabe Sadie Mohammedli. The "Treasure of Short Ideas" is decorated with opinions from Erich Maria Remark, Louis Kerroll, Thomas Eliot, and others. Mobile Lion Huntürk's study of "A. Bakıxanov's Healthy Life in Poetic Thoughts" highlights health-care aspects in his great-grandfather's works. The series "The Book in the Book" features the inscription of Philosopher Kamal Umudova, a philosopher in philosophy, entitled "The Poet who Hears his Name: The Slave Agnes." The writings contain the principal directions and aspects of the poet's rich work. The series "Exhibition in the Lesson" features eight-year-old artist Azerbaijan Absalom.