"If we reduce our support for Ukraine and accept a ceasefire that leads to a de facto frozen conflict, time will be on Russia's side," he said.

The EPA reports that French President Emmanuel Macron said this in a speech at GLOBSEC.

'We've all been affected by the courage of the Ukrainians from the first day and the concrete results they have achieved. At the same time, we have been surprised by russia's far fewer consequences than we thought. And these results are about Ukraine acting in a strategic, intelligent and well-prepared way. I am convinced that the Ukrainian side is carefully preparing the counterattive so that it retains the advantage in the war it has gained so far.

What we as Europe are up to is that we send an open message that our support will be long-term and strong. "This issue is about the principles of global order and at the same time the stability of Europe's security," Macron stressed.