In the Transcarpathian region, a 16-year-old girl gave birth to her third child in an ambulance. Doctors emphasize that these births in a minor were difficult.

This was reported in the "Transcarpathian Territorial Center of Emergency Medical Care" of the coolant.

On May 31, at 11:30, Transcarpathian doctors received a message that a 16-year-old girl from the village of Kamianske, Beregovo district, was starting childbirth. She was already giving birth to her third child. All this was complicated by the fact that she started bleeding. Doctors immediately went to the place to help the woman in labor.

"Less than 10 minutes later, doctors were near the woman in labor. She has this third birth. The young woman says that she was not registered with a gynecologist or family doctor and the child is born ahead of time (lasts 32-34 weeks of pregnancy)," the doctors said.

Doctors who gave birth to a 16-year-old woman in labor. Photo: "103. Transcarpathia"

After the examination, the doctors decided to immediately hospitalize the pregnant woman because of the risks, but on the way to the hospital she began childbirth.

"The medical car stops and the team is preparing for delivery. The situation is complicated: rapid childbirth, sciatic presentation of a child and a fragile woman in labor. But thanks to the experience and professionalism of doctors, everything goes well and a girl is born. However, the baby does not scream or breathe. Emergency doctors carry out resuscitation measures and in 2-3 minutes the baby screams loudly and begins to breathe," the doctors said.

The woman in labor and the baby were hospitalized, nothing threatens their lives.

We will remind, earlier in Transcarpathia 26-year-old woman gave birth to her seventh child in an ambulance.

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