In Russia, after a drone attack on Moscow, summer residents began to buy anti-drone guns. Sellers on the Web even reduced prices for goods for everyone.

Russian telegram channels write about it.

As it became known, sellers in the Russian Federation destroyed the cost of anti-drone guns for summer residents and farmers in general. Despite the fact that in domestic conditions it is dangerous to use such weapons.

"Such guns work due to signal suppression technology. A person simply points the sight at the drone, presses a button and the object loses contact with the operator, and then falls. It acts quite quickly – in two or three seconds. These features and decided to take advantage of very enterprising people. After recent events, a bunch of ads for sale were rolled out," the Telegram channel writes.

Interestingly, the cost of such weapons starts from 130 to 500 thousand rubles (60-227 thousand hryvnias).

Recall that the FSB may be involved in the drone attack on Moscow on May 30.

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