Compared to yesterday, today the talks between Acad. Denkov and the main other partner in a possible majority, have gone quite constructively, although I am not familiar with the "kitchen". This was stated in an interview with BNT by Georgy Ganev from PP-DB.

"Compared to yesterday, the probability is a little higher. In a budget committee with our colleagues from GERB we have communicated collegially and normally. So 'partnering' is not a difficult word, for more generally high things it must be more difficult," he said.

After a 3-hour meeting with Gabriel Acad. Denkov announced: There will be no ministers from GERB, we accept proposals for experts from everywhere

"A minister who does not make political decisions does not exist. When scarce resources are handled, it is always a political decision. The answer will be different with different values. The cabinet is not expected to be purely expert. There will be political persons who, when people are dissatisfied, will bear the responsibility, "said Ganev.

Everything could change in 15 minutes, he warned.

"We have some doubts about how internally it was recorded. We suspect that Mr. Vassilev had help from more serious experts in this recording," he commented on the recording released by Radostin Vassilev.

Petkov: Radostin Vassilev does not work alone!

"Certainly an extension of the Act currently in force is necessary for the central budget to make transfers. The question is whether it will happen exactly in the form in which the Ministry of Finance wants it, "said Ganev the question with the budget of the state.

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