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Slavi Angelov was beaten on behalf of Krasimir Kamenov-Karo and I was personally present when he gave the money to the mediator who had to find the perpetrators.

This was stated by the witness Ivaylo Serafimov in the case of the beating of the editor-in-chief of "168 Hours" and "Cosmos" magazine.

Angelov was attacked in front of his home on March 17, 2020 by three masked people. Today the defendants are the twins Georgi and Nikola Asenov and Biser Mitrev. All three are boxers who trained in the hall of Valentin Davidov - the man who, according to Serafimov, took the money from Curo to assign the order to the brothers and their friend.

The same Valentin Davidov is on the board of the Fast boxing club together with Dean Genov - the bodyguard who was shot in Cape Town along with Curro, his wife Gergana and their children's nanny. The club is registered at the address of the vegetable market "Cura" in the "Slatina" district, which is officially Kamenov's.

Ivaylo Serafimov worked for Karo and in his words collected the money from his sites.

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"One reason for the order was a cartoon about Kamenov, which said '... send Curo to oma them..." This was published in the paper and Curro was furious. It was January or February, just when the pandemic began," Serafimov told the court.

"I know that, that's what I heard from Curo and if he lied to me, then I'm lying to you right now," Serafimov said.

Then he took out his phone and, with the permission of the court, consulted it for the dates and places he had been. He also showed a photo of Kamenov's Mercedes, as well as a bus used by his security. Then he said that Valio Davidov is something in charge of Karo's security, and in the group was Lyubomir Ivanov-Lyubo the policeman, who was shot dead on March 25, 2022, a month before Serafimov appeared in court as a witness.