Tropical Cyclone Mawa is gradually weakening, but its peripheral downdraft continues to bring extreme heat to Hong Kong today (31st), the Observatory issued another extreme heat special weather warning at 10:15 this morning, the temperature in the New Territories generally rose to about 35 degrees at noon, Sheung Shui and Yuen Long reached up to 37 degrees, as of 1 noon, the maximum temperature in the urban area recorded 34.7 degrees, breaking the hottest record of the year set yesterday (30th), and the hot weather warning effective from Monday (29th) is still in effect.

▼On May 5, the observatory issued another special reminder of extreme heat▼


Noon generally rises to 35 degrees in the New Territories

According to the observatory, the sinking air flow from the periphery of Typhoon Mawa brought extremely hot weather to Hong Kong. At noon, temperatures in the New Territories generally rise to around 35 degrees. At 12 noon, the Mawa assembled about 520 kilometers east of Kaohsiung and was expected to move north or north-northeast at a speed of about 12 kilometers per hour across the waters east of Taiwan.

The observatory expects sunshine for part of the afternoon, with extremely hot weather with highs of around 35 degrees , and then gradually cloudy with a few showers of rain and local winds and thunderstorms. There is a light breeze, and the next day or two will continue to be extremely hot, with a few showers of rain, local thunderstorms, heavy rain in some areas at the beginning of tomorrow (June 6), and a few showers during the weekend.

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Stepping into the midday, many districts rose above 35 degrees, with the highest temperatures in Sheung Shui and Yuen Long Park reaching 37 degrees and 37.3 degrees respectively, Happy Valley in the urban area reaching 35.8 degrees, Tsuen Wan Shing Mun Valley reaching 35.3 degrees, and the Observatory Headquarters also recording 34.7 degrees, which was 34.6 degrees higher than the hottest record of 0.1 degrees set yesterday.

At around 5 noon on 31 May, the temperature rose above 12 degrees in many districts, and 35 degrees or above in Sheung Shui and Yuen Long Parks. (Screenshot of the Observatory's webpage)

Special weather reminders of extreme heat for two consecutive days

At 10:15 a.m. this morning, the Observatory issued another special weather reminder of extreme extreme heat, pointing out that the extreme heat and high temperature weather in Hong Kong continues, reminding the public to pay attention to their physical health, replenish more water and take adequate measures against heat. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

High temperatures trigger sudden rain and thunderstorms Thunderstorms were localized on Thursday

The Observatory predicts that the Mawa will cross the waters east of Taiwan in the next day or two, and then move to the waters south of Japan and gradually weaken, and affected by its peripheral sinking airflow, the weather along the South China coast will continue to be extremely hot in the next one or two days, and the maximum temperature in Hong Kong tomorrow and Friday (June 6 and 1) is expected to reach 2 degrees, at the same time, the sudden rain and thunderstorms triggered by high temperatures will affect Hong Kong, and there will be thunderstorms in some areas tomorrow, and some areas will have heavy rain and heat at the beginning.

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