First ENLACES 2023 Symposium. Photo: Lázaro Darias.

Today, the first ENLACES 2023 Symposium was inaugurated at the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana, within the framework of the UH Knowledge Convention.

The working sessions were focused on Government, Governance and Digital Citizenship for development agendas. In the morning, a workshop was held on Digital Governance and Governance for the sake of digital transformation. The panel was attended by Dr. Yunier Rodríguez Cruz, director of the Scientific Observatory of Digital Government, members of the Union of Informatics of Cuba (UIC) and representatives of the Articulated Platform for Integral Territorial Development (PADIT), among other guests.

Dr. Alina Ruiz Jhones, member of the UIC, addressed issues such as the lack of harmonization between local development projects and digital change. "Computerization is being achieved, but not a digital transformation, steps are being taken with clear initiatives, such as the Transfermóvil mobile application." He also added that the idea is to streamline processes in order to eliminate much of the bureaucracy that exists at the time of doing procedures.

"Governance is committed to all organizations, governmental and non-governmental, being in a digital linearity, although it is calling for a digital transformation, today it is not achieved. The citizen is the main link of change, and is not in the digital environment. There is no governance, no digital government without having the citizen and their needs as a priority. Information is a right, there is a lot of computerization of governments, but little communication and information, "said Rodríguez Cruz.

The working sessions were focused on Government, Governance and Digital Citizenship for development agendas. Photo: Yasiel Hernández.

PADIT representatives closed the workshop by reflecting on the role of digital transformation in local development projects. The central objective of this is the improvement of the quality of life and greater management of the citizen's portal in what really occupies the population. In the afternoon session, other panels were held on the digital revolution in organizations and the challenges that this implies.

Along with ENLACES, FCOM hosts the XII Edition of the Fair of Communication and Information Experiences for Development Calei2copio 2023: technologies for development, a propitious space in which not only the university sector and community projects participate, but also state companies and MSMEs. This meeting was inaugurated on Tuesday and runs until this Wednesday.

In the next two days of ENLACES 2023 the workshops will be directed towards Digital Humanities and hypermedia mediations and digital creation. They will include speakers and authoritative voices from communication, information sciences and journalism. The debate will focus on new technologies and their proper use for the benefit of the population in all areas of Cuban society today.

The first ENLACES 2023 Symposium was held at the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana. Photo: Yasiel Hernández.

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