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Two oil refineries just 65-80 kilometers (<> miles) east of Russia's largest oil export terminals were attacked by drones, officials said. According to their information, a fire broke out in one refinery and there was no damage in the other.

A drone hit the Aphip oil refinery in Russia's Krasnodar Region last night, after which a fire broke out there, which has already been extinguished, regional governor Veniamin Kondratev said.

The Aphipp oil refinery is located 80 kilometers east of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, which is one of the most important oil export points in Russia. The plant can process about six million tonnes (44 million barrels) of oil a year.

Novorossiysk, together with the terminal of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, supplies about 1.5% of the oil on the world market.

Ukraine Suspected of Involvement in Drone Strike on Moscow

Another drone crashed at the Ilsk oil refinery, about 65 kilometers east of Novorossiysk, RIA Novosti reported.

According to information from the plant's website, its five processing units have a combined capacity of three million tons per year.

There was no immediate word on who launched the drones, but Russia blamed Ukraine for the increased attacks on targets in the country, including the one in Moscow. Ukraine almost never publicly assumes responsibility for attacks in Russia or on Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine. Refineries across Russia have been frequently attacked by drones since the Kremlin launched what it called a "special military operation" in Ukraine in February 2022, with drone attacks deep inside Russia intensifying in recent weeks amid an expected Ukrainian counter-offensive.