The Russian Volunteer Corps, which is fighting against Putin's regime in Russia, published a video report from its lightning raid into the Belgorod region, which took place on May 22.

The corresponding video was published on the Telegram channel of Russian volunteers.

"A small but vivid video report on our past operation in the territory of the Belgorod region temporarily occupied by the Kremlin abomination," reads the caption to the published footage.

Before the start of the raid, the commander of the RDK Denis Nikitin addressed the fighters with a speech. "Tomorrow, the Russian Volunteer Corps is attacking the Russian Federation, so wish us all good luck and success," he said.

According to the Russians, during the day they managed to take control of an area larger than Bakhmut, as well as capture a new Russian armored personnel carrier BTR-82A.

Further, the video report showed footage of the operation itself, during which the soldiers acted in concert with the involvement of armored vehicles and helicopters.

The RDK hinted that this was not the last raid in the territories "temporarily occupied by the Kremlin abomination." "More to come," the Russian volunteers promised.

Recall that in the Belgorod region of Russia on May 22, explosions were heard, local authorities announced shelling and a battle "with Ukrainian saboteurs." On the territory of the Belgorod region, a counter-terrorist operation regime was declared. The Ukrainian side confirmed that volunteers of the Legion "Freedom of Russia" and the Russian Volunteer Corps operate on the territory of the border region.

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