The Russian occupiers still have enough supplies to attack Ukrainian cities from the air.

This was told by military expert, historian and journalist Mykhailo Zhyrokhov, reports "Kyiv 24".

They still have something to hit. Even according to general estimates, the Russians received 1400 "shaheds", and 900 were shot down and destroyed. That is, they already have some kind of stock. There are already numbers ("shaheds") that come for a thousand," says the expert.

Zhyrokhov also claims that for more than a year of a full-scale war, the Russians tried to save Iskander-K and Iskander missiles in general.

"The occupiers held them as a strategic reserve. And now we see that they began to use them against Kyiv's air defenses in order to hit at least something," the analyst concluded.

Earlier, military expat Alexander Kovalenko said that Russia will never run out of missiles. He also estimated the stocks of Iranian drones in Russia.

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