New details of the scandal involving the military and a car allegedly blown up by a battalion commander, the funds for which were collected by volunteers, became known.

We will remind, the first about this incident reported in the social network military Vitaly Karvatsky. He published a post where he shared the following:

"While you're all over the country looking like cars for the army, my *ban*t floated battalion is blowing them up with grenades because f*cking guys drive,'" he captioned his post.

The journalist searched for this soldier and talked to him.

Vitaliy emphasizes that although he did not witness the incident, he received information directly from his comrades, so the situation needs publicity.

"This video was distributed among the servicemen with comments from witnesses who were there. I decided that the situation should be made public, because this is not the first inadequate action of the battalion leadership. This situation is different in that it is partially captured on video. I shared this video, - Karvatsky told - In the evening I was summoned to the battalion for a private conversation. Representatives of the battalion management and witnesses of the events were there. Even before the video became public, the participants rejected the version that it was the battalion commander who blew up the car with a grenade. If at first there was a version that this was the result of a fragment, then it was twisted that it was closed by the wiring. But none of the official versions include the use of hand grenades and their use by the battalion. In a private conversation, before the video became public, they threatened the boys and me with criminal cases. Unless I delete the video and record an apology video. The next morning, representatives of various bodies arrived and conversations were held."

To this, Vitaliy adds: "In a private conversation (with witnesses – ed.) I explained to the guys that they had nothing to fear because the event had resonated. People who have been through a lot refuse to tell the truth and say it directly."

According to Karvatsky, he learned about the explosion of a car with a grenade not only from the video, but also through a voice message from one of the fighters.

"All these materials were handed over to investigators. I had a conversation with the brigadier general, with representatives of the military law enforcement service. I am a witness in the case. That is, I learned about the fact that the car was blown up by the commander from the video, from a voice message and from private conversations with those servicemen who witnessed those events," the soldier concludes.

In addition, Vitaliy says about the following: "Due to the public outcry, pressure has not been exerted on me yet. The phone was returned to me, I, as it should be, suspended from any work in my unit."

At the same time, Karvatsky said that the following was allegedly hanged on him: "Dissemination of false information, slander of the commander and dissemination of information about the unit. It is important for me that the person who committed the crime is held accountable for their actions and punished."

The case of the soldier was taken over by lawyer Masi Nayyem - he does not exclude that the soldier may need legal assistance in case of violation of his rights.

Possible cause of car destruction

According to the military, the car was purchased thanks to funds raised by volunteers. The vehicle was used by servicemen to deliver people to positions, for trips to the contact line and for ongoing trips.

"Why did he do this (allegedly blew it up – ed.)? Firstly, according to internal orders, servicemen are forbidden to leave the settlement of our deployment without the consent of the unit commander. The main reason is that the soldiers of the fire support company unauthorized left the deployment of the unit. According to the video, they went to get gasoline for the generator."

Battalion position searched for battalion commander Andriy Selekhman, against whom accusations are heard.

He answered us briefly, explaining that the inspection was underway right now.

"Now I continue to carry out tasks in the combat area. I will gladly answer all your questions after the completion of the inspection on the above situation. While the check is underway, I cannot comment, because, whatever I say, it will swell as unreliable information. When the service check is completed, I will answer if the management does not mind," Andriy Selekhman told us.

Summarizing, he added: "If a person was not present at the event, how can you blame someone? That's my subjective opinion."

Previously, understood the scandalous story that shook the Network. Allegedly, a battalion commander of the 215th battalion of the 125th Brigade of TrO set fire to a military car for disobeying him.

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