A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) was not allowed into the Deep restaurant in the center of Dnipro because of a military uniform that allegedly does not correspond to the dress code of the establishment. The man's brother-in-law Yevhen Kozhirnov posted a video on TikTok where he talks about an unpleasant incident in the institution.

"Hello everyone. I want to share my impressions. Deep Bar, Dnipro city. You know what's the catch? Our brother in uniform was not allowed to dinner. They said they had such a dress code. In sports uniform, military is impossible. I wonder what you think about this," says Yevhen Kozhirnov in the video.

The video quickly spread on social networks, collected more than 60 thousand views and more than a thousand comments. Many users were outraged by this case and called the incident disrespect for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I came after the landfill to pick up the keys

The soldier, who was not allowed into therestaurant, is named Yehor, call sign "Yeti". He serves in the 214th separate battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Opfor" and, as part of the combined tactical group "Adam", destroys the Russian occupiers. He told TSN.ua that the incident really occurred at the Deep Bar establishment in Dnipro on the evening of May 26.

"I swung a little after the training ground and business, I came to the guys - I had to pick up the keys. The guys invited them to come and have a snack. At the entrance, the guards, who looked rather athletic, did not let them in, explaining that they had face control and a dress code, and I did not fall under it, because I was in military uniform. I asked, can I change into shorts? They said that shorts do not fit either - you need jeans. I did not have jeans, as well as the desire to visit this institution," commented the soldier on the TSN.ua website.

According to Yehor, he then called his comrades to leave the institution and give him the keys. The man explained that at that time he did not have the time and desire to quarrel with the restaurant staff.

"The guys did not agree with this decision of the administration, especially since I wanted something just to eat. I have no complaints as such – there is just an unpleasant feeling that for certain persons the form is still an irritant and some indicator of inferiority, or something like that. I do not accept when they drink alcohol in uniform, especially in decent doses for further indecent behavior. But it wasn't even about having something to drink, just going in and having a snack. And something really needs to be done about it," Yegor told TSN.ua.

What they say in the institution

The administrator of the establishment, who introduced himself as Maxim, said in a comment to the TSN.ua website that there was allegedly no conflict with the man in uniform and the soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had no complaints about the restaurant. According to him, the soldier was not denied anything, and the man who posted the video was in civilian clothes and rested separately in the institution.

"We did not refuse anything to the military at all, no one denied him anything. There were no complaints about the institution at all. He did not go down (our institution is located in the basement), did not even go downstairs. He had no complaints at all. He came up, we talked, he said 'okay', that's all," the administrator told TSN.ua.

He confirmed that there is indeed a dress code in the institution. According to internal rules, people in any uniform and sportswear are not allowed into the restaurant, Maksym said.

"We do not allow in sportswear and do not allow in uniform. In fire uniform, police, if it is not at work. Yes, if you need to come in for some reason, for some issue, we let everyone in," the administrator said.

Recall that a criminal case was opened against the owner of an elite restaurant in the Dnieper. A video appeared on the Web in which a woman argues with CCC representatives in the premises of the institution. The military and police visited the restaurant to check the men's documents. However, the woman prevented them.

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