President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a working trip to Odesa. There he thanked Ukrainian soldiers for protecting the region and the whole of Ukraine. In particular, he visited the hospital, wounded defenders. He wished a speedy recovery, presented state awards, expressed gratitude to Ukrainian doctors.

This was stated in the president's evening address on May 31.

In Odesa, Zelensky also held a special meeting on the security and social situation in the region.

"The regional leadership, military, law enforcement officers... The region is a priority from all points of view. It is Odesa that is one of the foundations of the security of our entire south, and therefore of the state. The Security Service of Ukraine has very important results in Odesa region - in countering Russian saboteurs," the president said.

He also reported on the report of General Eduard Moskalev on the situation in the areas of responsibility of the OSUV "Odesa".

"We have analyzed in detail how to strengthen the defense. We discussed in detail economic issues, jobs, social security," Zelensky said.

He also held an offsite meeting of the Stavka.

"Constant attention of the front. Reports of commanders – "Khortytsia", "Tavria", Golovkom. Special reports of the heads of the Intelligence Directorate and the Security Service of Ukraine. Details later," Zelensky added.

Recall that during his stay in Odessa on May 31, the President of Ukraine met with the military and law enforcement officers on the security situation in Odesa region and praised the Security Service of Odesa region for protecting the state. The President also published a decree on the appointment of Oleg Kiper as the head of the Odesa Regional Administration.

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