The woman underwent blepharoplasty – a cosmetic operation to remove excess skin or fat from the eyelids – in a clinic in Turkey and showed a terrible result of the operation.

A TikTok user under the nickname @dimplestilskin posted a video on the Web where she demonstrated how she could not completely close her eyes.

In the video, she was wearing a close-up of her face in a bathrobe.

@dimplestilskin ♬ original sound - Craink

"When you had eye surgery in Turkey and now you can't blink normally," she commented.

The video garnered over half a million views and a bunch of comments. However, the users did not sympathize with the woman, but rather questioned her decision to go to Turkey for surgery.

  • How do people still travel to Turkey for surgeries???
  • So sad that you ruined everything
  • It was necessary to choose the best clinic

Recall that in Bali, a tourist showed a naked vagina right in the middle of the street and angered the Network. She has already been detained by Indonesian immigration officials.

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