Do I need to spud potatoes

Spud potatoes need for many reasons.

  • Hilling increases the number and size of tubers. The purpose of hilling is to increase the bottom layer of soil in which moisture is stored. And the stored moisture stabilizes the temperature of the soil. That is, the thicker the soil layer above the root system, the better moisture is retained and the temperature fluctuates less.
  • Hilling, we loosen the soil, and this enriches the soil with oxygen and contributes to the growth of tubers.
  • Potatoes that peek out of the ground in the light turn green and become unfit for consumption. Hilling protects the tuber from greening.
  • The soil layer after hilling also protects tubers from fungal diseases.
  • Hilling helps fight weeds.

When you need to spud potatoes, the first hilling

The timing of hilling potatoes depends on both the region and the weather and potato variety.

The first time spud potatoes need when the potato bushes reach 7-10 cm in height. It is advisable to carry out the second hilling of potatoes in two weeks, when the potato stems reach a height of 30 centimeters. The third hilling is carried out in another month. It is necessary to complete hilling potatoes before the flowering of the bushes.

How and what to spud potatoes

It is better to spud potatoes on wet ground after rain or at least after watering, because after that the side shoots on which tubers form will grow better. During each hilling, 5-10 cm of soil is poured onto the bush.

  • Most summer residents spud potatoes by hand in the old fashioned way, for example, using an ordinary hoe. You can spud potatoes by hand with an ordinary shovel, hoe or hoe. This process is quite laborious.
  • The most expensive way of hilling with the help of a cultivator. This is a rather expensive method, in addition, the use of a walk-behind tractor requires strict adherence to the distance between the rows of potatoes and can injure root crops.
  • For hilling, you can use a manual hiller, unlike a walk-behind tractor, this method will be much cheaper.
  • Mechanical and automatic cultivators are also widely used for hilling potatoes.
  • Hilling potatoes with a plow is probably the oldest way of hilling potatoes. The plow can be pulled by both people and horses, or a walk-behind tractor.

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