Dutch national Joran Van der Sloot is photographed during a hearing at Lurigancho prison in Lima on January 13, 2012. (Photo: STR/AFP via Getty Images)

(CNN Spanish) -- Joran Van der Sloot has agreed to be temporarily transferred to the United States and his defense will not file a habeas corpus petition, his attorney, Maximo Altez, told CNN en Español on Tuesday.

Altez received a letter written by Van der Sloot last week. In it, he asked him not to appeal his transfer to the United States: "I want to go to the United States," he said.

This Saturday, May 28 and after that letter, the Dutch citizen was also involved in a fight inside his cell during visiting hours.

"It was not a direct aggression against him, it was a fight between some inmates and my client was involved when he tried to defend his friend, who was injured in the leg, as a consequence (Joran) was injured in the hand," Altez explained.

Van der Sloot suffered a cut on his fingers, some bruises and was transferred to the medical ward inside the same prison, Altez added. The lawyer does not know if he has been transferred back to his cell.


  • Joran van der Sloot could be delivered to US in June, sources say

On Sunday, the Dutch national sent his lawyer a new letter after the incident and requested his transfer to another cell or another prison.

On Monday, Altez asked Peru's National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) for specific actions to ensure his client's safety, such as transfer to another cell or another prison, in a letter seen by CNN.

"I hope he will be treated as a human being, let's not confuse revenge with justice." Altez told CNN en Español.

  • Peru's National Penitentiary Institute denies ABC News report that Joran van der Sloot was beaten in prison

The lawyer told CNN he is still waiting to hear from authorities about the next steps for Van der Sloot's move to the United States.

Altez explained that he cannot communicate directly with his client since there are no telephones inside the Challapalca prison. A few months ago Zoom was used, but for the moment they only communicate through letters delivered to INPE staff or relatives of other inmates.

In May, Peru's President Dina Boluarte authorized Van der Sloot's "temporary transfer" to face fraud and extortion charges in the United States. Judge Maria Delfina Vidal, president of Lima's Superior Court, told CNN en Español after the government's announcement that the deadline to surrender Van der Sloot should be 30 days.

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