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Several Ukrainian regions have reported a blackout. In Kiev, electricity problems have been recorded in at least six areas, Ukrainian media reported, quoted by the BBC's Russian service.

There is also no electricity in the Kharkiv region, partly in the Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as in Poltava and Odessa (there they reported a power line failure).

Officially, the reasons for such a large-scale blackout are not yet known.

Russia's strikes in Ukraine are a clear response to those who seek peace

Since 2022, Russia has attacked Ukraine's energy structure, causing heating and electricity to be cut off. At the same time, in March this year, the head of the national energy company Ukrenergo, Vadim Kudritsky, said that in spring and summer the situation with electricity in Ukraine will be stable.

"In the next six months, we will have enough electricity in our energy system to cover the needs of consumers," Kudritsky told Ukrainian television. "Ukraine's energy system is part of the European one, which means we will be able to import electricity if we don't have enough of our own and this is a very important factor for the country's energy security."


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