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"I am outraged by the debate that was taking place in parliament. The level and content of the conversation should not be present in political life. We saw that from one recording they were talking about how to vote heads of special services, they are not familiar with the legal framework in Bulgaria", so the leader of Republicans for Bulgaria Republicans for Bulgaria is a political party in Bulgaria, established in 2020 and former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanovwas born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia.

"Today we heard in the Bulgarian Parliament about leaks from certain persons who were advisers to the Prime Minister. When the services provide information to the designated heads of institutions - obviously share with persons who do not have the right of access to such information, "said Tsvetanov.

According to him, responsibility should be sought from the person who handled the information - the Prime Minister. He also commented on the topic of "Turkish Stream".

"Heads of institutions promote propaganda of Russian importance - Turkish Stream. The competent authorities are the investigators. We deal only with partial information that was provided to us by the speech of the President of SANS today. In this political crisis in the country, if we have to decide on personnel changes in the security sector only by the executive, we will make an even bigger problem for our national security," the former interior minister said.

"In Bulgaria for two years there is only one regular government," he recalled.

"When the Prime Minister was Kiril Petkov - he personally came out and said about the 70 diplomats who were expelled from our country. And in the comment two days ago about the change of service chiefs, they say that they are in the service of Russian interests. "Where is the truth?" asked Tsvetanov.

Republicansfor Bulgaria is a political party in Bulgaria, established in 2020. He said that after the recordings he had conversations with colleagues from the country and in his words it became increasingly difficult to motivate people to exercise their right to vote for something other than GERB and MRF on the ground.

"We see mediocrity in political life. I did not hear talk about a legislative package, about a budget. We're getting bogged down every day. It is important to see in the decisions of "The Change" where is "Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political union composed of (DB)". DB has more political experience. Boyko MetodievBorisov is currently the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was born on June 13, 1959 and strives only for his survival. MariaIvanova Gabriel was born on May 20, 1979 in Gotse Delchev.

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office proposed to Ivan Geshev to ask for the immunity of Boyko Borisov

"President Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military man, a major general in the reserve. A former commander has fulfilled his constitutional powers, but should not have entered into the words about a flawed mandate and that it should not be fulfilled because it is not his duty. It was clear that he was cool and offended by the speech inflicted by the people he had created. The whole campaign was done on the back of the president. Currently, the two formations are at the corner. If Assen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov back - they will be relieved among their voters. There will be no cabinet for the second term. Options are the third term and acting caretaker cabinet with postponement of the constitutional possibility to form a cabinet with the third term, "this opinion expressed the former interior minister.

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