The tourist caused outrage on the web after a video appeared in which she is naked in the back seat of a motorcycle.

The blonde from Denmark visited the popular island of Bali in Indonesia, but was detained because of her behavior to the public.

This happened a few days after a German tourist stripped naked and entered the temple at the resort.

The video, shared by activist Ni Luh Jelantic, shows another outrageous incident in the southern part of the island near the resort in Seminyak.

A woman rides a motorcycle with a man later identified as a 49-year-old German. While the man is talking to the man behind the camera and the woman shows her intimate places and laughs before her friend notices and lowers her legs.

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Shared by Ni Luh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik (@niluhdjelantik)

Ni Luh called the woman's indecent behavior and explained in her post, "Bali would be great without a trash tourist! For those who say we make Bali lonely, please understand the difference between hardness and barbarism. Save some pride if you still have it."

She urged people to watch the video and understand why Balinese people are struggling to take care of their heritage.

The incident was reported to the immigration service after it went viral on the Web, reports

Sugito, head of the Ngurah Rai immigration office, wrote in a statement on Saturday: "They are being held in custody at the Ngurah Rai immigration office after being detained. Therefore, we will conduct additional investigations."

The official added that the couple arrived in the country on April 9 and received a visa on arrival to visit Bali, which is valid until June 7, 2023.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster mentioned at a press conference dedicated to the development of the tourism industry that "strict measures will be taken against foreign tourists who behave inappropriately or engage in activities not permitted under their visa permit."

The penalty includes a number of harsh measures, such as "deportation, administrative and criminal sanctions."

Recall that in Greece on the beach suddenly began a thunderstorm and killed a tourist in front of his beloved. They tried to save the man, but he died.

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