With fury in his eyes and despair in his heart, a distressed man burst onto the stage of an "LGBTQIA+ beauty pageant" in Brazil, stole the winner's crown and threw it to the floor.

And all because his beloved wife was awarded the award for second place. It is reported by the publication Globo.

The incident occurred at the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 pageant. In the finals were contestant from the city of Cuiabá Natalie Becker and representative of Varzea Grande Emanuella Belini.

When the hosts announced that Becker had taken second place, her partner violently interrupted the winner's coronation ceremony.

As soon as the shimmering tiara was about to be put on Belini's head, a hot-tempered man pulled it out and threw it to the floor of the stage. Then he lifted the crown and threw it again, smashing the prize into pieces.

Scandalous footage appeared on the Web.

As a result, security escorted an angry fan backstage.

Recall, the man divorced his wife after he caught her cheating with his father. The woman not only ran away with her father-in-law, but also shocked her ex with the news.

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