Two downed missiles in 20 days - this is the result of an anti-aircraft gunner of the National Guardsman with the call sign "Pokemon", who defends the sky of the Kyiv region. Russian iron both times struck the Soviet portable anti-aircraft complex "Igla". One of the hits even managed to film the hero's brothers, according to TSN.

Anti-aircraft gunner-sniper - such a military accounting specialty does not legally exist, but in fact there are such specialists in the Ukrainian army. One of them is a 20-year-old Pokemon fighter.

Pokemon shot down its first rocket on May 9. "The first live shot and successful," he says.

With a successful initiation into anti-aircraft gunners, they immediately congratulated their brothers, anti-aircraft gunners. "I hit the target, then a photo with the same used pipe and lightly to him this pipe by **pi - is consecrated as a full-fledged fighter," the brothers tell about the traditions.

The next launch was on May 29, when the enemy once again massively shelled the Kyiv region, and again exactly on target. "I found it acoustically, I saw it visually, I made a puncture, but it was a little difficult to grab it, because it was dark but successful. The second was an X-101," says the fighter.

One of those cruise missiles on the infographic from the command of the air force belongs to Pokemon. "When I launched, my missile followed the enemy, there was a flash and sound in the sky, so I immediately knew that I was successful," says the fighter.

The National Guardsman now, as they say, has a 100 percent effectiveness, because two launches - two hit targets. And he came forward in the competition with a fellow who will knock down more. "He had one shot first, then we equalized, we have one-one, and now I've taken the second shot successfully and now the score is two in my favor," laughs Pokémon.

The guy gave his elderly "Eagle" after the first shot. "Malyshka, I call her my baby. She is 81 years old, and I am in 2002," adds the fighter.

Due to the extreme missile activity of the enemy, his baby "Pokemon" has to be placed on the shoulder of almost every duty. "Whether missiles are flying or Shaheds, we already know how to act and are being put on alert alone, we are coordinated from which direction and my subordinates destroy them for detection," says Igor Rybiy, commander of the combined air defense crews of the Bureviy brigade of the NGU.

The soldiers are ready to continue working for the peace of Ukrainians. "As much as I can, I will knock down as much - the more, the better. Ukrainians can sleep peacefully," the fighter convinces.

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