Russian opposition journalist and writer Yulia Latynina, who has been living abroad in recent years, believes that the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will begin very soon.

In her youtube channel, she named three factors that indicate this.

"When the counteroffensive is tomorrow. I'm joking, maybe the day after tomorrow," says Latynina.

The first sign is that reconnaissance has ceased in battle

"If earlier the Armed Forces of Ukraine "groped" where Russian troops are and noted where everything was happening, now they have stopped it. They found everything they needed. There is a lull on both sides of the front," the journalist said.

The second sign, according to Latynina: the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, who allegedly had been abroad for three weeks, returned to Ukraine.

The third sign is that soldiers who were on exercises abroad are returning to Ukraine

"All the soldiers who were somewhere on vacation returned to Ukraine. Moreover, they are all closer to the front line to lead the troops. Moreover, a three-week absence means only one thing. In order to negotiate, 1-2 days is enough. Even in order to conduct command post exercises, although they were usually conducted, it also does not take three weeks Three weeks are needed for only one thing: if you have troops training in different places - Spain, Great Britain, and so on. These troops need to be inspected and made sure they are ready. It really takes a lot of time," the journalist believes.

As an example, she cited a video from Spain that got online, how the Spanish military escort Ukrainian defenders who were trained.

"It is clear that if the troops leave trained from Spain, it means that, taking into account modern military science, they will be almost immediately thrown into battle. As far as I understand, the movement of equipment on Ukrainian roads has stopped. This means that everything that was supposed to arrive has already arrived. Let's see how good I will be a harbinger, but I would bet a lot that the offensive will begin in the near future," Latynina concluded.

Earlier, military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko explained why Russia has intensified attacks on Ukraine and what does the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have to do with it.

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