Russian actress Yana Troyanova spoke about the war that Russia has unleashed hostilely in Ukraine. The actress explained why many Russians support the invasion, went to the propagandists and apologized to Ukrainians.

In particular, Troyanova was stunned that so many Russians support Putin's aggressive policy. However, this was not news to the actress. According to the celebrity, most Russians are ignorant and beggars, and the authorities have made them so. Residents of the Russian Federation are only interested in where to get food and what to drink from alcohol. Instead, they do not have the time and desire to understand what is happening in the country.

Yana Troyanova / Photo: screenshot from video

"First, Putin robs these people in such a way that they become just beggars. It is very difficult to survive when you have no money, and it is very difficult to love your children when you have to fool around where to devour and swell. Powerful propaganda is embedded in these poverty. TV is completely devoted to propaganda... These heads are already empty. People do not have the opportunity to wonder what is happening in the country. They survive there. I was born at the bottom and I know how the bulk of the country's population lives," Troyanova said in an interview with Russian Yuri Dud, who was recognized as a "foreign agent" in Russia.

The actress also rode on Russian propagandists, in particular Vladimir Solovyov. In her opinion, he is not all right with his head, because a person in his right mind cannot say such things.

Yana Troyanova / Photo: screenshot from video

"I don't understand these people. It feels like it's not people. How can you watch this person? It is noticeable that he either went crazy, or this is some kind of offspring of hell. Is this really human?" the actress commented.

Now the actress herself is abroad, she fled Russia. However, Troyanova assumes that she will return to the country, but only when Putin's dictatorship ends. The actress also added that Russia must pay reparations to Ukraine and apologize for all the horrors committed by the occupiers.

Yana Troyanova / Photo: screenshot from video

"We will compensate for the losses caused to Ukraine if Ukraine allows us to do so, and do everything possible to build peace again. Perhaps we will not receive forgiveness, perhaps I will not forget the time when Ukraine could forgive us. But I have the right to apologize, but I have no right to wait for forgiveness. But I will repent, I will apologize, and I will do everything to repair these damages. The responsibility is on me the same as everyone else for what happened," Troyanova said.

Recall that the aggressor country Russia terrorizes the civilian population of Ukraine every day. Singer Andriy Danylko showed how schoolchildren were fleeing from Russian missiles right in the center of Kyiv and turned to Putinists with anger.

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