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The heavy rain in the region of Gabrovo and Dryanovo this morning continued for hours and flooded roads and destroyed the crops in some villages in the area. So far, there are no reports of damage to infrastructure.

Residents of Gabrovo villages warn that heavy and prolonged rain has submerged their gardens, and rivers flow through the streets. The water is slowly draining.

The boiling of separate sections of the road network has not hindered the movement of public transport buses, said the deputy director of the company in Gabrovo Detelin Tsvetkov.

The dams in Veliko Tarnovo region increased their levels after the last rains

In Dryanovo it was necessary to pump water and drain sections of roads and areas in the municipal center. Two cars were pulled out of the station square, falling into the water trap. The director of the municipal enterprise for cleanliness, Stefan Kosev, explained that the shafts were cleaned, but they were unable to absorb the abundant rainwater.

According to him, there is no danger of overflowing the Dryanovska River.