It is appropriate to have a government in Bulgaria. After 1990, only President Rumen Radev had 5 caretaker cabinets, apparently heading for the sixth. This was stated by Vladislav Panev from the coalition "We continue the change" - "Democratic Bulgaria".

The president is helping so that there is no regular government, he said.

Vladislav Panev added that the president controls the services and they lose the information war.

After his statement today: Radev definitely does not want to have a regular cabinet

According to him, the second term for forming a government has not been discredited because of the recordings. "There is nothing scandalous in the leaked recordings," Panev said. You heard that we are having a real debate and are thinking about the future of Bulgaria, he added on the topic.

I have not heard representatives of PP-DB go to embassies, and it is not right, in my opinion, Panev said.

The MP from PP-DB announced that he had doubts about Radostin Vasilev.

He believes that Acad. Nikolay Denkov and Mariya Gabriel can agree on the formation of a rotating government.

Panev said he did not know whether PP-DB was talking to DPS, but according to him there was nothing wrong with the talks. Nikolay Denkov will hold meetings with all parliamentary forces, perhaps without "Vazrazhdane".

"Constitutional reform is extremely important and we need a majority."