Russian State Duma deputy Alexander Khinstein said that the drone attack on Moscow was, in particular, aimed at the Rublyovka area, where private homes of officials, businessmen and Putin's residence are located.

Writes about it Radio Liberty.

It is noted that the deputy published a preliminary list of drone attacked places near Moscow. So, he assumes, one drone was shot down near Putin's residence "Novo-Ogaryovo". There he often holds online meetings.

Khinstein also reported the downing of a drone over the village of Rozdory near Moscow.

"This is part of Rublyovka, where state dachas, personal homes of officials and businessmen are located. Putin's residence "Novo-Ogaryovo" (in the village of Usovo) is a 10-minute drive," writes Russian journalist Farida Rustamova.

Drone attack on Moscow and the region

Recall that in Moscow and the Moscow region in the early morning of May 30, explosions thundered and reported on the work of air defense. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced a drone attack with minor damage to several houses. He assured that no one was seriously injured. However, Mash also clarified that people were injured due to the wreckage of the downed drone.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has traditionally accused Ukraine of drone attack. The ministry informed about the alleged eight downed drones, but propagandists write about 25, and eyewitnesses – about 32.

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