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The caretaker cabinet cannot cope with the political crisis, commented in the morning block of BNT Nastimir Ananiev from "We continue the change Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change".

In his words, Bulgaria should move towards a normal European life.

Radev should not give advice on the implementation of the mandate, Ananiev said.

According to him, the special actions that are being announced are an attempt to shift the topic of what is happening in the presidency.

A large-scale special action in Sofia: Looking for the traces of Curo's killers in a restaurant in Dragalevtsi?

He is adamant that yesterday's behavior at the award of the second term of the PP – DB to President Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military, major-general in the reserve. A former commander was absurd.

According to him, it is right now to hear and the position of GERB GERBis a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in the UDF The Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, successor to the issue.

Andrey Gyurov: We are yet to find out whether GERB will stand by the freezer or take responsibility


A normal European country goes through a regular government," he reminded.

Ananiev also commented on the attitude of the PP with the DB. He explained that there were no problems.

Nastimir Ananiev announced that the behavior of Acad. Nikolay Denkov is caretaker Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet of Ognyan Gerdzhikov. So far, it has been at an exceptional level.

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