The talks are not in an ice age, but there are no sun rays to melt the ice. Conversations can only take place if format, composition, personalities, model, principles and trust are reviewed. In order not to reach an ice age, which besides us will freeze the state, I call on "We continue the change Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "Continuing theChange" - Democratic Bulgaria"Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political union composed of" to rethink all this.

This was stated by Mariya Gabriel Maria Ivanova Gabrielwas born on May 20, 1979 in Gotse Delchev.

The disappointment in society is enormous, the distrust in our partners is enormous, the fear in the administration is staggering. This crisis comes out only with efforts for trust on the part of all participants in public and political life and purpose. If the real goal is to stabilize the state and take care of the people, then everyone should take a step back. To offer a working solution that brings unity and stability. The mandate holder is on the move to seek and find support, Gabriel said.

Andrey Gyurov: We are yet to find out whether GERB will stand by the freezer or take responsibility

Mariya Gabriel

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