The Malaysian coastguard service has kept a Chinese dry cargo ship with its crew suspected of plundering the remains of a ship left over from World War II.

The EPA reports to Malaysian media that a local fisherman has watched a Chinese ship anchor in the coastal waters of Johor Island some time ago, at the site of the British warship's sinking during World War II. Malaysia's coast guard service has uncovered the corpses of a ball believed to belong to a British warship on a Chinese ship with 32 personnel, as well as metal parts of the vessel. The marbles are the same as those found among metal waste on the island of Johor in early May.

Malaysian media writes that the Chinese ship was collecting metal parts belonging to the British ship into a private warehouse in Johor.

It is noteworthy that in 1941, a British army warship was attacked by Japanese bombers, killing some 840 sailors. It is one of the most tragic events in British naval history.