Chief Executive Li Jiachao attended a press conference this morning (30th) and said that he had just watched the launch process of the Shenzhou 16 spacecraft with the director, and he was proud of this, pointing out that the country's manned mission technology is becoming more and more mature. He mentioned that the country selected "load experts" in Hong Kong last year, and he was glad that more than <> participants from the government, universities, hospitals and other fields were selected, and they will go to the mainland next week for a second selection, saying bluntly: "Cheer them on!" He pointed out that the selection of "load experts" in Hong Kong shows the state's support for young people and confidence in their scientific and technological capabilities, which he believes can lead young people to develop their talents.

Li Jiachao. (Profile photo/Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Lee Ka-chiu pointed out that after the customs clearance in Hong Kong, there has been an endless flow of people in Hong Kong, and he has met with mainland ministries, provinces and cities seven times in the past, including the Hunan Party Committee, the governor of Guangdong Province, the secretary general of the forum, and foreign dignitaries, such as the president of the Republic of Congo. He pointed out that Mr. President of the Republic of the Congo is the first time that the Hong Kong government has received the country's first time this year, and he expressed his confidence in Hong Kong. He added that the Secretaries for Justice had made different visits, such as the Secretary for Justice visiting Beijing, the Secretary for Security for the Bay Area, the Secretary for Health for Health visiting Switzerland, and the Secretary for Housing visiting Beijing, etc., pointing out that the Secretaries for Health were exploring market opportunities and enhancing positive economic growth.

There are reports that the Chief Executive's Policy Group has set up a 56-member expert group, including Zheng Yongnian. Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu said that different experts are welcome to participate, and the list will be announced soon, hoping that new members can give their opinions on social and economic development and strategic research. He hopes to recover the greatest achievements in the shortest time, have short, medium and long effects as soon as possible, will wave to experts in different places, and will make good use of good opinions before considering the next deployment.

Referring to the June Fourth incident, Lee Ka-chiu pointed out that the government has repeatedly mentioned that any public activity and personal behavior must comply with Hong Kong law, that the department will deal with each activity according to law, and that everyone should be responsible for their own actions, such as the police will decisively enforce the law if they believe that they violate Hong Kong law.

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