The drones' attack on Moscow is a response to Kiev's strike on one of its decision-making centers in Ukraine.

The EPA's Moscow correspondent reports that Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov has reported it.

On May 28, the Russian Federation hit one of its decision-making centers in Ukraine, he said.

A Kremlin spokesman said he was confident the Kiev regime was behind the PUA attack on the Moscow region.

Peskov has also pointed out that there is currently no danger to the people of Moscow and the Moscow region.

He also said he had no information on where the PUAs attacking Moscow were released.

"All relevant Russian institutions operated effectively when drones attacked Moscow and the Moscow region, and the airstrike protection system was also working well," Peskov stressed.

A Kremlin spokesman added that President Vladimir Putin had received real-time information from the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Emergency Affairs and the Moscow mercenary about the drone attack on Moscow.

Peskov also noted that Putin did not plan to make a special appeal after the PUA attack in Moscow and moscow: "This PUA attack confirms the need for a special operation to continue and achieve the goals ahead."