Denkov does not have the qualities to be Prime Minister. Personal, professional, moral. He has indisputable scientific achievements and qualities, but he does not have the qualities of a manager and statesman. Krasimir Valchevis Minister of Education and Science.He was born on June 9, 1975.Since September 2009 from GERB-UDF the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, successor of.

It lacks leadership, responsibility and determination to uphold any values.

Acad. Denkov: I expected this reaction from GERB

From the recording it was heard that he lacked moral qualities. The more specious face ready to carry out the Bolshevist and destructive policies of "change."

A man with no opinion of his own. Nominated to be a puppet of Assen Vassilev.

As Minister of Education and Science he demonstrated mainly arrogance and hypocrisy. He failed at everything he did. Because of his inability to hear different voices and work with people.

Hypocritically waved the banner of depoliticization of education while making political appointments and trading school lands for election support.

The education system sent him with a collective sigh of relief. In recent days, dozens of people from the system have called me and written asking us not to support him and allow him to any management position.

His proposal for Minister of Education and Science - Genka Petrova, is proof of his irresponsible attitude towards the system. Her main quality is that she is close to Denkov - she has participated in the most projects in pharmacy with him. It lacks management capacity. There is no mission to work for education. But apparently she "signed her blood" that she would appoint "our people".

It is a pity, because education is a topic on which we can have a meaningful and positive conversation and look for common solutions. And a system in which there are many worthy people for ministers.

Krasimir Valchev

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