PP-DB MP Iskren Mitev responded to GERB's statement with a plot from a popular animation.

Earlier today, Maria Gabriel Maria Ivanova Gabrielwas born on May 20, 1979 in Gotse Delchev.In 1997 she graduated from Linguistova said: "The talks are not in an ice age, but there are no sun rays to melt the ice.


Mariya Gabriel set conditions for PP-DB to continue negotiations for government

This is what Mitev wrote:

"Ice Age" - plot:

"Scrat, a saber-toothed squirrel, is trying to find a place to store its acorn for the winter. As he tries to cram it into the ground, he inadvertently causes a large crack in the ice that stretches for miles and triggers an avalanche that nearly crushes Scrat. Escaping only the avalanche, Scratt finds himself trampled on by a herd of prehistoric animals migrating south to escape the impending ice age."


When you try to achieve maximum benefit for yourself, you can cause a crack of unpredictable scale, and even an avalanche. And though saved you are left alone and stepped into a frozen wilderness with no future.

... May we find strength, will and trust to stay and together to warm our relationship and environment to avoid the scary plots we face.

Mariya Gabriel

We continue the change

Iskren Mitev