"These close ties between Azerbaijan and Israel are based not only on shared interests but also on historical relationships and shared values."

The EPA reports that Israeli President Isaac Herzog, who was traveling to Baku on the 75th anniversary of Israel's independence, said this in a speech.

'It's great to be among our friends today. Today, Azerbaijan marks the 105th anniversary of its independence and the 75th anniversary of Israel.

Our close relationship is based not only on shared interests but also on shared values and historical relationships."

In his speech, the president said that the Jewish community in Azerbaijan lives in a safe environment and that the country's social political life is also active.

"The relationship between Israel and Azerbaijan is of value and example to the whole world," President Herzog stressed.

The president stressed that cooperation between the two countries covers a variety of areas: "The opening of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Israel, my trip to this beautiful country, is a reflection of this close relationship."