In Kropyvnytskyi, clergymen of the UOC-MP tried to cut and steal bells from the temple, which was handed over to the OCU.

This is reported by the local newspaper "Buckwheat".

According to the publication, the complex of buildings along with the temple passed into communal ownership. Deputies of the city council unanimously supported the fact that these buildings allocate the OCU for worship for a period of 5 years.

Temple in Kropyvnytskyi, which was transferred to the OCU / Photo: Grechka

On May 29, priests of the UOC-MP began to take their belongings from there, but decided to take church bells with them.

"It was about furniture, dishes and other elements of everyday life. They even cut out and took away the heating boiler, noting that the one that was there from the beginning was bad, so they installed another, and therefore it is their property and they will take it away," said Alla Palamarenko, head of the municipal property department of the city council.

According to her, representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate first cut some scrap that was stored there and loaded it. Then she heard the sound of a "grinder" near the bells.

The photo shows that the first two bells were almost cut / Photo: Buckwheat

"When I remarked that they stopped, they started shouting to me that it was theirs. In fact, those bells have been there since the construction of the temple, even before they started using the building," says Palamarenko.

Police were called to the scene to prevent the looting of MP clerics. However, all representatives of the UOC-MP who were there, as well as their lawyer, nodded their heels when they saw that the police and the media had arrived.

"Together with representatives of communal property, the territory was inspected. At the time of inspection, the bells were in place. Now they are also in place. In order to preserve property, a police squad was approached to the religious building," law enforcement officers told reporters.

A similar incident occurred in May 2022 in Drohobych, Lviv region. There, the priest of the UOC-MP, after learning about the decision of parishioners to move to the OCU, took out from the temple all church equipment, icons and bells that were bought at the expense of the community. He left behind "bare" walls.

It was also reported that in Volyn, representatives of the UOC-MP, evicting from the parish house, even took with them a toilet.

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