Tip 1: follow the rule of "three colors"

To make any look balanced, imagine that you are an art specialist and must follow the rule of "three colors". That is, you can not combine together more than three different colors. And yes, this list also includes neutral. And to "dilute" the summer look - add a little brightness. It can be a handbag, accessories or even an oversized blazer for walking in cool weather.

Tip 2: Elegant turtleneck with a single wave of your hand

If you like to wear hairywheels, you will definitely need this advice. To create an elegant and sophisticated image, just wrap the neck not outside, but inside. Stylists claim that this way you will make the neckline "cleaner" and over you can wear any necklace to complete the look.

Tip 3: Add simple white T-shirts to your wardrobe

To change a boring look to a more interesting and stylish one in two seconds, you only need one simple white T-shirt. It can be worn under light voluminous summer sweaters so that the white neck remains visible. Fashion experts believe that thanks to this life hack, any ensemble can be made much more fashionable.

Tip 4: Make an ordinary cardigan a cool accessory

Cardigans seem quite simple, although they are often combined with different wardrobe items. To make the look more interesting, fasten the last buttons of the cardigan behind your back. So the image will get lightness and will look much more elegant than if you just leave all the buttons unbuttoned.

Tip 5: Don't forget about accessories

Often, even the best image can look incomplete. This happens when the selected wardrobe items are not contrasting enough. How to fix it and look fashionable? Add any everyday accessory (baseball cap, joggers, sneakers) and you can find a balance between lightness and unexpected results.

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